DIY Frame Hair Clip Organizer & Bow Holder

Here is an easy DIY (do it yourself) project that I did to organize my daughters hair clips and add some decoration to her room.

Here’s what I used:

• frame (purchased at goodwill for $2)
• paint
• acrylic matte sealer spray
• chicken wire (got a 50 ft roll at Lowe’s… I plan to make more)
• ribbon
• stapler

First, I painted the frame with 2 coats of paint. After the paint dried I sprayed the frame with the acrylic sealer.
Then I rolled out the wire and measured the frame up to it so that I could get the measurements. Cut the wire to fit the frame, but be sure to watch out for the sharp edges!
Once you have the wire cut, try to flatten it out as much as possible. Lay it on the floor or table with something flat and heavy on top of it. Once your wire has been flattened, place it inside your frame and hot glue it around the edges.
The ribbon used to hang the frame was simply stapled to the back.

This really was a fun project and I’m happy with the way it came out.
Please email me a picture of yours when you make one 😉

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